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In a world where companies are often forced to choose their names based on the availability of a URL (thank goodness we’ve been around for nearly two decades and got our url before space was so crowded), we believe that. names really matter.

Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken,” has been a guidepost for our president’s life.

Doreen searched her heart for a name to emulate her favorite poem’s essence of staying true to one’s integrity and ethical code, as well as to have the courage to go after one’s dreams, even if that path is the one less traveled. In doing so, the lyrics of two of her favorite songs captured her attention: “Just Beyond the Riverbend” and Garth Brooks’ “The River.”

“Just Beyond the Riverbend” parallels Frost’s poem, especially when it tells the story of coming to a fork in the river and then the fork (“path”) chosen is “the one less traveled.”

“The River” dares a person “to dance the rapids, and with the good Lord as your captain, you will make them through them all…” Doreen is absolutely passionate about the pursuit of dreams and is confident in the journey, no matter how rough the waters.

Today the aspects of “Riverbend” live in the culture and approach of the brand:

  • Flow – valuing action; creating and leveraging momentum.
  • Bends – anticipating the unexpected; courage to embrace the unknown.
  • Forks – integrity, discernment, decision making.
  • Rapids – navigating obstacles; fortitude; adaptability to change.
  • Ever changing (no two trips down the same river are ever the same)- meeting unique customer needs through customization.
  • Blue – depth, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, strength, intelligence, truth, and integrity.

As you see, there is a lot of passion in who we are and what we do that the name encompasses.

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