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After a very successful career in the healthcare world, including roles in sales, marketing, strategy, investor relations, and operations, Doreen became involved with the start-up community. In late 2001, the funding was pulled on a start-up she was working with, so she took some time with mentors and family to determine what comes next. She was encouraged and challenged to go out on her own.

The Riverbend Group was born in 2002 as an opportunity to create something “right” from the start. Her unique formal education of pre-med, English and an MBA, combined with her assorted business experience across healthcare and technology, and her contagious, inspiring personality paved the way for early client partnerships. She soon began putting together a diverse and equally passionate team and The Riverbend Group took off. The early days consisted of classic marketing and sales strategy consulting. After being approached by a client to develop and lead an “effective meetings” workshop (a funny story by the way…. You should ask her!),

The Riverbend Group moved into the training and development space based on client needs and a desire to help make people and organizations the best they could be. To this day, The Riverbend Group’s goals, as stated in our purpose statement, remain the same.

Our story does not stop with the founding of Riverbend. In 2012, Doreen created a sister company called Prepare To Roar®, an adventure-based learning® company. It takes leadership and professional development out of the “boardroom” and into nature – to exotic locations such as Africa, Belize, and Panama. Also in 2012, Doreen opened Riverbend’s first International branch office, located in Johannesburg serving clients primarily in South and East Africa.

Today we continue our journey to help great leaders become even greater. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Book a discovery call.

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