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Running a small business is never easy and as an entrepreneurial company, new opportunities are always coming our way. Whenever things get tough or a new opportunity presents itself, we find ourself asking if it’s aligned with our purpose and values. (We do this whenever we hire a team member or contractor as well.)

Our purpose is to inspire and equip organizations and people who want to become greater.

We do this through management consulting, training & development, and team advancement. We are passionate about people and organizational health. We are successful due to our core values, as well as mastering the art and science of developing the right content, in the right way, by the right people.

We challenge organizations and their people to expect and demand more of themselves and to think differently, ultimately to realize their potential and that their dreams are attainable in real, actionable ways.

We hold to four key values and they are our guiding principles for everything we do. We keep these in front of us by discussing how we’ve seen these values displayed on our team and in our clients on a weekly basis.


Character is Riverbend’s foundational value; it is what grounds us. It is the underlying principle on which everything about our company and our people is built.

Character is your behavioral compass.  It is what you believe on the inside and it is how you show up to others on the outside.  Noble character is intrinsic at Riverbend.  We are honorable, moral, ethical, reputable, and upright.    We hold our partnerships to a high standard of principled conduct.   We are truthful and forthright.  We treat our customers’ organization, brand, and people, the same way we protect and honor our own.

Character is a non-negotiable at Riverbend – to be on our team you must inherently have it (have a lot of it) and we only work with organizations and customers who value it.


We chose this value to describe a strong and constant affection that we have for our work, our customers, and each other.

We love helping organizations and people become their best self because we genuinely want them to become their best self.  There is no better way to walk the journey of life, both professionally and personally.

We are compassionate, passionate and empathetic. We care about the heart of an organization and its people, including our own.  You will see and feel this love when you work with us.


Fortitude is a key component to Riverbend’s success. It keeps us focused on  the “finish line.” However, it’s not about who crosses the line first or “winning.” It’s about the journey together and knowing the emotional and philosophical strengths we need to capitalize on for success.

Fortitude has been a core value since Riverbend’s inception.  It comes from our founder’s MacRae Scottish heritage.  The MacRae slogan is “Fortitudine,” which means “with fortitude” visibly depicted with a a lion sitting at the base of the MacRae coat of arms representing courage.

We have a strength of mind that enables us to have the courage to face any circumstance, including one of adversity or difficulty.  This Riverbend mind-set is at the core of our work ethic, our passion, and our perseverance.  We are not afraid of hard work, both physically and mentally.  It is our internal driver to do whatever it takes to deliver, to leave it all on the floor for our clients.


Ingenuity is the quality of being original and inventive and ours is only limited by our imagination.  We are enterprising, insightful, perceptive, innovative, and intuitive. We have this unique skill that allows us to see things others don’t, to discern root causes, to solve problems, to deliver fresh creative solutions that produce results.

People tell us that we think differently.  And we do.

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