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Professional Coaching - Bridging the Gap Between Where Leaders are and Where they Want to Be

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Find Your Leadership Edge

Increase Awareness

Coaching helps leaders and teams identify the strengths they should lean into and the gaps which are holding them back

Unlock Potential

Coaching helps teams and leaders identify the right goals and created focused plans to get there faster.

Create Impact

Coaching helps leaders identify their unique legacy and implement the systems needed to live out that legacy.

I have been to a tremendous amount of leadership training classes, and this, by far, was the best one I have ever experienced. Really different, really fun, and really impactful!

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Action-Based Learning

What is coaching?

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership for achievers who want to gain an edge and achieve outcomes that will bring them success. The coaching process unlocks untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is about guided self-discovery, not consulting, advising, teaching, or mentoring.

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Professional Coaching Services
Action-Based Learning

Who should invest in coaching?

Coaching is the way smart leaders reach their goals and avoid failure. According to the Harvard Business Review, 40-60% of management new hires fail within the first 18-months and 40% of C-suite leaders leave within the first 18-months.  Individuals who want to defy the odds and gain a leadership edge will benefit from coaching.

Coaching Options

Executive Coaching

For: Executive level leaders who want to increase their leadership capacity.

Benefits: Develop the skills necessary to maximize your current role or lead up to your next challenge

Commitment: 4-6 months of bi-monthly sessions

Team Coaching

For: Teams of 4-12 people who want to deepen their leadership potential

Benefits: Team coaching allows teams to work on a specific leadership challenge or simply develop their leadership capacity.

Commitment: 4-6 months of bi-monthly meetings and approximately 1 hour of additional work each week

Cohort Coaching

For: Group of 4-12 people who are facing similar challenges across a job function or vertical

Benefits: Group coaching is an affordable investment for high-potential professionals who want to develop their leadership capacity and presence. The fundamental assumption is that you want to be a better leader.

Commitment: 4-6 months with bi-monthly meetings and approximately 1 hour of additional work each week

The Riverbend Commitment to Our Coaching Clients

  • All coaching sessions are completely confidential

  • All coaching of our coaches are certified and experienced coaches

  • We create a safe space within all of our groups for people to process – no shaming

  • We are committed to you and your success