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Bringing learning to life while creating memorable leadership moments

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For Teams Who are All-In

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We create environments that help you explore the intricacies of your team while enabling you to develop the skills you need to maximize performance



Using the principles of experience-based learning, we put your team in situations that help them establish lasting behavior change



These unique experiences not only change teams and companies, they also help individuals discover their purpose and live their best lives

Action-Based Learning

What is Action-Based Learning®?

Although every program we deliver has some component of ABL®, Action-Based Learning®, over time we have developed a range of immersive experiences paired with business lessons.  These ABL® experiences are designed to take your team to the next level of collaboration and communication while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

team building training
team development training
Action-Based Learning

The Impact

Research has found that 70% of learning comes from trying new things and combining that experience with time to reflect on those learnings. That’s why we create unique environments for all of our Action-Based Learning ® experiences with built-in times for personal and team reflection. Each experience is designed to fit your company culture, time frame, and budget.

I have been to a tremendous amount of leadership training classes, and this, by far, was the best one I have ever experienced. Really different, really fun, and really impactful!

S.E.A.L. Training ® Participant

Our Action-Based Learning® / ABL® Experiences

ICE: Insight, Clarity, Engage®

Feeling overwhelmed with all the different sales frameworks and strategies that exist? Looking for something simple, customizable, customer-focused, and effective?

We were too.

We developed the ICE framework because after all our cumulative years of sales training, frameworks, and methodologies, we knew there was something valuable in each of the methods, but also none of them were just right for our clients.

Let us walk you through our logic and the framework we developed to see if you agree. Especially in the “new world of work” of more virtual selling and connecting, a comprehensive and customizable sales framework like ICE may be just the thing you have been looking for.

Custom Teambuilding

Sometimes you just need your own thing. We get that too.

We’ve been attending and designing components of Sales and Product Launch Meetings for over 30 years. Drawing on our experience and core value of ingenuity, we can design or consult with you on:

  • Sales Simulations
  • Teaching Product Features & Benefits
  • Objection Handling
  • “Gamifying” Key Learnings
  • Reinforcing Core Values and Culture
  • Meeting Themes, Kick Offs, and Breakouts

We can design half-day, full day, and multi-day sales experiences for your team that is a far cry from beer and bowling and leaves lasting results for individuals and the company.

Prepare to Soar®

Prepare to Soar® is for teams or organizations that:

  • Face roadblocks to performance
  • Seek growth opportunities
  • Believe in organizational health
  • Look to retain and develop top talent

The Prepare to Soar® leadership experience leverages the true story of the Apollo 13 Mission and 13 Mission Critical Concepts (MCCs) that drove the Crew’s success.

  • Accountability, commitment, communication, courage, execution, focus, innovation, leadership, preparation, problem solving, reality-based thinking, teamwork, and trust and respect
    Mission Results:

  • A fully present, unified team due to the distraction-free immersive environment.
  • Authentic, open conversations about your current status and trajectory.
  • Aligned vision grounded in a common vocabulary and understanding of the MCC ideal.
  • A clear and actionable "Flight Plan" to achieve your vision

Change Management: The Human Element®

If there is one thing constant, it is change. And it is everywhere. And its pace is accelerating.

The organizations and people who are equipped for it, or better yet, embrace it, will be the ones who come out on top. With that said, it is not easy to manage change and especially the human dynamics of change. Change typically brings questions, uncertainty, and stress.

Riverbend’s “Change Management: The Human Element®” workshop focuses primarily on just that – how we effectively manage the human side of change through the curve from denial all the way to commitment.

The CAR Model: Driving Influence®

The CAR Model: Driving Influence® is for individuals or teams who influence people, decisions, processes, or results in any direction — up, down, across, and outside their company.

The Riverbend Group has partnered with raceways and tracks across the country to pair Riverbend’s The CAR Model: Driving Influence® with amazing “rubber meets the road” driving experiences.

In this Class 3 Rapid, you learn how to “drive” your influence across a variety of track conditions, literally and metaphorically!

Leadership Legacy: Head, Heart, Hoof®

A Leadership Legacy: Head, Heart & Hoof® is a themed framework to equip people to become the best of the best, the elite leaders… like the very few race horses who win the Triple Crown. Learning is structured around the thoroughbred concepts of Head, Heart, and Hoof…

Head = Will to Win – the drive and determination to pursue a sustainable win and legacy

Heart = Courage – conquering fears and showing courage to pursue greatness

Hoof = Speed of Execution – understanding the timing and urgency displayed by champions

Force Multiplier: Plan & Deploy®

Have you been thinking about the following topics for your team or organization? Do any of these strike you as a need?

  • Teamwork vs. Collaboration
  • Crisis Planning or Succession Planning
  • Mission Planning and Contingency Planning
  • Setbacks versus Failure and Resilience

Special Forces units are the gold standard in these principles. Learn from and partner with them to deploy the same strategies within your team and organization. Special Forces team members will lead your team through a series of training modules which both teach the key principles for successful missions and also allows your team to practice the strategies in real time. This is planning, preparation, and strategic vision like you’ve never experienced before.

ONE Rowing®

One Crew. One Boat. One Voice.

Just like your team, it is impossible for the sleek racing shells to stay afloat, much less maximize their performance, without the three crew fundamentals of One Crew. One Boat. One Voice.

After an immersive experience on the water with Master and Gold Medal rowers, your team is led through a debrief and business application that will transform the way your team thinks and works.

Just a few hours together in a boat will radically impact the way you communicate, work together, deliver a common goal, and appreciate the unique roles and contributions of each team member.

S.E.A.L. Training®

Solidarity. Ethos. Agility. Learning.

Looking for a transformational program guaranteed to completely reset your perspective, thinking, culture, and team dynamic? S.E.A.L. Training® is for you. Co-led by both The Riverbend Group and some of our country’s most elite Navy SEALs, in this deeply immersive program you will earn your results …delivered immediately.

Prepare to Roar®

Transformational Travel Adventures

International trips crafted to help you unlock and live your best life

Learn more at

Prepare the Core®

Our Prepare the Core® experience is a series of multi-day leadership development programming designed to prepare first time managers or for those leaders desiring a refresher on the fundamentals of leadership that never go out of style.  It is a back-to-the-basics curriculum that both inspires and equips leaders to elevate their direct report’s (and team’s) productivity, effectiveness, and results.

We typically deploy this program as an open enrollment opportunity which enables leaders to learn from other leaders across industries and experiences, adding to the richness of the experience.   As always, the workshops and curriculum include Riverbend’s action-based learning® methodology.