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Dear Friends, Clients, and Colleagues,
Thank you for joining me in wishing Riverbend a Happy 15th Birthday of our Founding!

We are thrilled to be celebrating this milestone today and are grateful to each of you for the support over the years. As I sat down to reflect on the last 15 years, I searched for what the traditional and modern gifts are for a 15th “anniversary” celebration and found them to be incredibly fitting for the occasion and where Riverbend is today.

The traditional 15th celebration gift is crystal. Crystal represents the clear and “sparkling” love between two people. Given that one of Riverbend’s core values is Love, I find it very appropriate to consider this as a key factor in our success in the last 15 years. Love “sparkles” at Riverbend, both internally and in how we approach our clients. You can read more about how we define our core values here. What is crystal clear is that the future of Riverbend is bright and “sparkling!”

The modern 15th celebration gift is a watch – the gift of time – representing both the time that has already been spent and the time to come. This could not be more appropriate for Riverbend as we begin 2018. We have undergone a significant season of change internally with new structure, processes, goals, and scaling for growth. I love the watch metaphor as I reflect on what brought us to this year and as I look forward to the future of Riverbend, which I know will only be greater with “time”.



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