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I always…. and I mean always…. have a bottle of bubbly in my refrigerator at all times.


Actually, the second I take one out, I replace it before the first bottle is even opened.  Which also means, that I have at least 1 – 2 bottles in queue.  This standard operating procedure mitigates the risk of ever violating my own rule!


This “rule” is so essential; it is even on my Top 10 Life Rules list.  The only lenient thing about this rule is what kind of bubbly is in the fridge.  Champagne. Cava. Prosecco.   It does not matter.  What does matter is- does it “pop” when opened and does it have bubbles?


To be honest, I can’t remember the date or the finite details of this rule commencement, but I do know the context… It went something like this…

Years ago, I was catching up with a friend and we were sharing about a seemingly inconsequential event that had recently occurred.  One of us said that it was “a small victory.”  The other said, “I’ll toast to that.”  When we opened the fridge a bottle of bubbly happened to be chilled due to an upcoming significant celebration.   We said what the heck, let’s pop it open and toast the small victory.

We took pause in the middle of a nondescript week to celebrate a situation that I can’t even remember.   But what I DO remember is that we took pause in the middle of a nondescript week to celebrate something.


The rule was born.


In our fast paced world of short-on-time and long on to-do’s, we simply do not take enough time to celebrate.  But we need to!


Here are 4 benefits to always having bubbly in your fridge:


1) Goal Achievement Assistance: We have goals and many times the finish line is a long way away. What we need are milestones to bridge the gap. And more importantly, you (or others) need acknowledgement for reaching them.  THAT is what keeps you going …that positive reinforcement along the way. Popping open some bubbly at a key milestone breaks up a long goal journey, it delivers a pat on the back, it encourages you to reflect and share your success so far, and it turns your attention to the next milestone. If you choose wait and only pop that bubbly when you cross the final finish line, you may never actually get to taste the burst of bubbles!  Don’t wait!   Those tiny moments are absolutely critical to keep us going; they are the beacons of light on long journeys. Celebrate them.


2) Moment Marking: Let me paint the scene whether spoken by you, a friend, a colleague or a loved one…

  • I finally had the courage to give my manager tough feedback
  • I was asked to give an impromptu update in front of my colleagues today and you know how I hate to present, especially when not prepared, but I nailed it!
  • I finally went to my first drum lesson, yoga class, or (insert any other hobby that has been on a bucket-list for years) today
  • I cleaned out the garage, after months of procrastination
  • I survived a 2-hour traffic jam without loosing my temper

Life can be hard.  When we experience a win, no matter how small the victory, it is worth celebrating!  It makes ordinary things a little extra-ordinary!  And who doesn’t want to be extraordinary??


3) Relationship Building: The bubbles, as well as its essence, beg a slow drinking process. And, no matter what the bottle costs, bubbly seems to have an air of expense to it.   The combined investment of both time and money speaks “I care about you,” “you are worth it,” and “you are important!”  Who doesn’t want to feel those things?  Being ready with some fizz at a moments notice builds stronger interpersonal bonds!


4) Brain Protection: Not that I need another reason to always have a bottle of bubbly in my fridge, but if I had come across the following article all those years ago, I just might have been able to remember the exact details of my bubbly rule inception!   Thanks to the scientists at the University of Reading in Great Britain, there is another benefit to add to my running list:  to help ward off age-related memory loss, the onset of dementia, and other degenerative brain disorders


Nothing shouts well-done or congratulations, marks a moment, acknowledges success, or rewards hard work …like the sound of a cork popping and the feeling of bubbles on the tongue.


So go head to the store today, stock up, and get that bottle chilling!


Cheers!  Prost!  Salute!  Kanpai!  Proost!  Gesondheid!  Salud!


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