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Riverbend ReturnsDuring this season of Thanksgiving and counting our blessings, we are pleased to introduce a formalized initiative around something The Riverbend Group has been doing for many years.

You may have noticed on the bottom of the “who we work with” page, that we mention something called Riverbend Returns.

At Riverbend, we are committed to using our gifts and expertise to help Non-Profit Organizations become greater and more effective in accomplishing their mission. We love to partner with non-profits in a pro-bono capacity to make their people or teams better. That is why we created Riverbend Returns. 

We deliver projects under the Riverbend Returns concept because our core value of love overflows :  we love what we do and love to help others. We are grateful to our clients for their support and partnership with us, so in turn, we show our support and partnership to non-profits in a similar manner. This gives us an opportunity to use our strengths and resources, as well as our core value of love, and further our purpose statement.

We wanted to formally announce what Riverbend Returns “is” in case you know of, or are involved with, a non-profit which would be interested in a workshop or engagement from The Riverbend Group.

Internally, we require all our team members to be involved with a service organization in a capacity and area of their choosing. Additionally, as an organization, we are committed to delivering a at least of 20 hours of training a year, pro bono. That means we deliver either 5 of our ½ day programs or 2.5 full day programs a year. If you want to think of it as a grant, we have up to $30,000 of professional development funding available to use on a customized professional development workshop for your organization, delivered by a top training and development organization.

For our pro-bono clients, we just ask you to send us an email at to request more information and the application.


With Love and Gratitude,

The Riverbend Group

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