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Planning for 2019? Not sure what you need? We are full of ideas but all our solutions are then fully customized to your organization and your unique needs. We don’t do “off the shelf”


We have a lot of great content

then we deliver it in the right way, with energy, experiential components, and customization to your industry and unique business needs

then you get the results


Having a really great coach in sports is very desirable for a team. Become the really great coach your team at work needs through our framework, The COACH Model®. Learn how to have very effective conversations for either improved performance or for praise to increase employee engagement and retention.


Need more time in your day?
Do you feel like everything you do at work is a “fire drill”?
Want to get more strategic or creative?

You need our “Monkey Management: Delegation Fundamentals” workshop.


Drive influence up, down, across, and outside your organization.

Influence is a key leadership skill – especially when working in a matrix environment, not having direct reports, or participating on cross-functional teams in or outside the organization.

Learn more about these skills and how to leverage them in The Riverbend Group’s

“The CAR Model: Driving Influence®” Workshop

Never enough time? Always “fighting fires” and dealing with urgent requests? We can help.
Our time management workshop provides the best practices and information you need to get more efficient and productive and get white space back in your days.


Want even MORE ideas? Check out our “What We Do” Page 

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