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Turkish Airlines, Dr. Oz, and The Riverbend Group all have something common.


They all believe in the power of the five senses.


If you happened to miss Turkish Airlines’ Super Bowl advertisement you can view it here: In summary, it was an ad to inspire you to travel in order to tap into the power of each of your five senses ….to realize all of the wonder that your five senses reveal in your experiences. Riverbend is aligned.


Our senses are our engine. They help protect us, they help teach us, and they help us live a more robust life. When all working together they give us a clear picture of what is happening around us. When one is limited or taken away, the others go on overdrive to compensate.


Our senses are so much a part of our daily lives, but rarely given the purposeful credit they deserve. When is the last time you really listened to early morning or evening sounds? The last time you totally took in all that your eyes were seeing around you? The last time you breathed in deeply while cooking or on your walk? The last time your fingers took the time to appreciate the texture of your favorite pillow or sweatshirt?  Or the last time that you really tried to distinguish the flavor of each spice in your favorite dish at dinner?


Riverbend believes that your five senses can heighten your experiences. However, we put a slightly different spin on it; instead of travel, we believe your five senses can intensify and elevate both your leadership presence and your sales success.


What would it be like to take these examples into the workplace? So much power in five natural gifts. So much power rarely utilized. We encourage you to tap into those senses this week. Be purposeful and aware.  Be mindful in how each of your senses help make your world a better place this week. How could really using your ears change your team’s culture? How could really using your eyes help you solve a customer problem?


We are grateful to Turkish Airlines for drawing the world’s attention to the impact of our five senses!


We love to use this metaphor for executive leadership trainings and for sales teams – it’s easy to understand and remember, immediately actionable, and extremely impactful!


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