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Another day in the office, eh? Another unmotivating, lacking luster, sucking all energy out of you day in the office?

Try these suggested 10 phrases in your work space, and be careful you might find yourself singing “Zippity Do Da” while clicking your heels thinking “There’s no place like work”.

Using phrases suggested in the article “10 Phrases You Should Start Saying More at Work” will not only encourage and motivate collaboration at work, but will also inspire your colleagues. Simply saying “It was my fault.”, “Can I get your advice on this?”, and  “It’s great to see you!” will immediately begin to bridge a trusting work environment.  Verbally stating the suggested phrases versus writing them,  will improve your mental attitude and show others you care.  Showing vulnerability to your coworkers, and declaring you believe in them and their work, and you trust  their judgement will not only improve the overall attitude of your work space it will encourage your coworkers to team up and accomplish tasks, while building bridges of trust and comradery.

Now get to whistlin’ with Mr. Blue Bird on your shoulder, in your ruby red slippers.



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