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As we begin to get cozy and comfortable in our in-home workspace,  we must remember we are still going to work and school. We are still doing our daily jobs and still need to continue to stay on a productive routine to ensure we are maintaining our work mindset when staying in the comforts of our home, all while wearing the finest lounge wear.

Would you be brave enough to take a picture, a selfie of your workspace unedited and post to social media? What does your new coworker’s (spouse, partner, children) workspace look like? How’s the transition going?

A few tips below to ensure we allow ourselves to shift to that professional mindset when we are just steps away from our bedrooms:

Riverbend has given me 9+ years of Work From Home experience, and as I’m helping my three family members get used to working from home, I’m giving them advice on how I make it work.



Make your bed and lace up your work shoes. Whatever those may look like- maybe they are flip flops, or sandals, or even tennis shoes. Whatever it is, MAKE UP & LACE UP. If we act the part, we will become the part. So, go ahead and get yourself suited up for a traditional workday. If you make your bed, the likelihood of you climbing back in before you have completed your workday is unlikely.   Give yourself grace as you get adjusted. Don’t forget what made you successful up to a week ago, will continue to bring success in weeks to come. Do your best to maintain that professional routine. Or quickly try to find a new routine. Humans are creatures of habit and in times of uncertainty, having a routine can help ease the mind.



Create new workspace, one that resembles the office of your dream. Seize the moment. Add personal photos, fresh flowers, motivational framed quotes, a candle, a lamp, comfortable seating, container of pens, pencils, highlighters, anything that will make you and your co-workers successful.  YOU DO YOU! Create a space you will want to come to each day, and at the end of the workday, tidy up that space preparing it for the next day in the office.  Now is the time to order HDMI cords, and additional monitors to enlarge your space.  Going from 1 screen to 2 screens can be invigorating and super-duper productive. Or, consider taking your afternoon meetings from the porch or patio. GRACE here too as you begin these new ropes. STAY AWESOME.



Use video conferencing to hold yourself accountable. Turn on that camera and show up you’re your virtual meetings. What does your use of video in this new virtual meeting say about you? It is automatic openness and an invitation to be connected while separated. It is also great accountability for your own productivity.

Some thoughts to consider for video meetings: What can people see? What does it say about me? Take the time to spruce up your space.  Do you have enough light to be sure the twinkle in your eye can be seen?  Do you need to have a pressed white oxford nearby to throw on when receiving quick calls?  What does your background look like? Take some time to organize those bookshelves, or unload that coat rack, or clean off those stacks of papers. Like making your bed, it will automatically make you feel more prepared.


BE REAL though, and always feel comfortable NOT sharing your camera. Be sure and let your team know that you are aware it is a virtual meeting, but you prefer to not share your camera at this time.  Though in the future,  be present and not perfect. Challenge yourself to show your smile. We know  that is where the connection begins, when we can see expressions and that twinkle.



This is a time to show off all those amazing coffee mugs and tumblers! Those mugs you bought to motivate yourself at the wee hours of the morning as you begin your day, can now inspire others.  Remember you are on a “work call” and you still have work to do, but you can still portray great messages and motivate others just by the message on your mug, your sweatshirt, your pen, your headgear, the sign behind your desk. Don’t be afraid to take time to connect and enjoy reading each other’s mugs or motivational signage at the beginning of a meeting.



Are you stretching regularly? Are you taking deep breaths and relaxing your shoulders? Neck rolls, arm stretches and ankle rolls are crucial during these times as you may not be sitting at an ergonomically suited desk and chair. Since you have laced up those shoes, or flip flops,  stand up regularly and walk around. Voice text to send messages and save those wrists and hands from corporal tunnel. You Tube a few yoga stretches to do at your workspace area (just be sure you are between meetings or your camera is off and you are on mute before you begin)!


Good Luck and Stay Awesome!

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