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Do You Need an Executive Coach?

Do you need help growing your business? Are you looking for a way to take your company to the next level? Are you feeling over or underwhelmed? If so, you may be wondering if you need an executive coach to foster your continued development.

In this blog post, we break down the functions and purpose of an Executive Coach and help you decide if one is right for you. (6-minute read)

What is Executive Coaching

Executive coaching typically focuses on an individual leader. It’s designed to unlock opportunities for growth, explore different ways to solve problems and it takes a more holistic and integrative approach to leadership development. Often it is a personalized development opportunity for mid-to senior-level leaders and C-Suite executives.

Executive Coach as a Guide and Advocate

An Executive Coach focuses on creating insight and awareness, empowering individuals to unlock their own potential. Each coaching engagement is different as each leader shows up to coaching with their own set of goals and outcomes. Some leaders want to strengthen their cross-functional influence. Others want to elevate their presence to tackle the next project opportunity or boost their resilience to work through organizational changes. Together, an Executive Coach and leader design a “roadmap” to support, challenge, and equip the leader to achieve what is most important to them. It offers a personalized experience for leaders which creates performance advantages for the leader, the team, and the overall organization.

Why do Leaders need an Executive Coach?

As leaders elevate in an organization, it’s common to experience isolation at times and lack genuine opportunities to receive feedback. Having a coach who serves as a confidential advocate, a sounding board, someone who has sat in the leadership seat, who understands the day-to-day demands of a leader is a valuable resource. Executive coaching offers a growth-oriented space for leaders to explore challenges, bounce around ideas, create clarity through action.

Advantages of Executive Coaching with Riverbend 

Coaching with Riverbend is an investment in your future. We help you identify skills gaps, deliver customized training programs to fill those needs, and prepare leaders for a fast-changing environment where they can lead from the front edge of their capabilities.

We know coaching isn’t solely about building leadership capabilities; it’s also an essential tool used by organizations worldwide that seek new ways to improve performance levels among employees while increasing sustainability through enhanced employee engagement practices.

During every coaching engagement, we integrate over 20+ years of extensive experience and Action-Based Learning(™) practices and leadership content as a pathway to level up the leadership capacity of any executive.

Below is a List of Outcomes Leaders Gain as a Result of Coaching with Riverbend.

  1. Sharpen your focus and boost critical people leadership skills – allowing you to observe, practice, and strengthen your influence as a leader.
  2. Manage change and uncertainty with confidence and less stress.
  3. Uncover what’s most important to you and create a plan to go after it.
  4. Elevate leadership skills to drive change across teams.
  5. Increase awareness and shape executive presence.
  6. Build the foundation to lead teams with trust, respect, humility, and courage.
  7. Refine communication skills to boost leadership effectiveness.

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