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Due to Hurricane Irma, I was without electricity for 5 days last week. So, “light” has been on my mind.  Being without “light” threw my routine off and was unsettling.   We need light. We are drawn to light.  I was even “craving” light.

This train of thought led me, again, to this HBR article on culture that I have been and continue to be passionate about. Play, Purpose, and Potential – the three workplace motives which increase performance and create great organizational health. I like to call them the “light side” of “the force” or culture. People and organizations who have them are “the light.”

If we need light, are drawn to light, and even “crave” light… then we must figure out a way to be the light in our organizations. This makes you, as an individual, happier at work, and it will attract and retain the best talent because of your company’s culture.

Be sure your work is either Play, Purpose, or Potential — if not, it is probably time for a change.



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