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Purposeful Reconnection: Emerging Stronger from the Storm | May 28, 2020

Right now we are all weathering the same storm, but in different boats – and our experiences are vastly different. Leading through hard times requires managers to understand the challenges that individuals on their teams are facing, making leading with emotional intelligence (EQ) more important than ever.

Taking the time to listen empathetically, making sure that motivations are understood, and learning how to navigate these changing times with adaptability will be key to making you better leaders now and in our new normal. The leaders who take the time to connect purposefully in these times of uncertainty and crisis will lead teams that will survive and thrive.

In this webinar you’ll learn the three steps to purposeful reconnection which will help managers lead their teams through the storm that is COVID-19:

Step 1: Listen Purposefully – Charting a Path Through the Storm
The mental well-being of each colleague is different. Understanding where each of our employees is in this time of change and listening with empathy is key to relating as you reconnect.

Step 2: Understand Changing Motivations – Rowing in the Same Direction
We are all motivated by different things when it comes to our work lives and these motivations may be changing as we experience the pandemic. To connect with your teams and help your teams connect with their customers, you must understand their different motivations and goals.

Step 3: Adaptability – Navigating the Rapids
Conditions are changing daily and in changing situations, in these rough waters, adaptability is key. Once we have a plan to reconnect and we understand the concerns and motivations of our teams, we need to think through how people prefer to communicate and understand the different communication style preferences.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What motivates team members (in order to help reenergize and reignite them towards a shared purpose)
  • The three aspects of EQ that will help increase your ability to actively listen and understand the concerns of your colleagues
  • How to approach reconnection with the mindset of adaptability in order to reconnect with individuals in ways that work for them
  • The key factors associated with motivation so that managers can begin to think about how to realign and reignite towards the company’s purpose
  • Why your teams’ mental health and rebuilding collaboration and connectedness is key to the long-term success of your teams and your businesses
  • The top traits of adaptability that can set your teams up for success in unfamiliar waters




12:30 PM – 1:45 PM      Opening Remarks / Program / Q&A


Continuing Education Credit

1 SHRM PDC / 1 HRCI Credit


Doreen Linneman, CEO

The Riverbend Group, LLC / Prepare to Roar, LLC / Doreen Linneman, LLC

Kristin Chapman

Executive Client Advisor The Riverbend Group, LLC


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