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Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of change, whether in your personal or professional life? Do the goals you aspire to seem distant and unreachable?

Alternatively, perhaps you find yourself content with where you stand, having established a comfortable routine and achieved satisfactory results. But is “good” truly good enough?

Regardless of where you find yourself, there’s promising news. In the realm of personal and professional development, it’s often the subtle, incremental shifts that yield remarkable results. Drastic changes aren’t always necessary; sometimes, a mere one-degree difference is all it takes.

Consider the analogy of water transforming into steam: at 211º Fahrenheit, water is hot. But with just one additional degree, at 212 º Fahrenheit, it boils, generating the powerful force of steam—the very essence that propels a locomotive forward. Similarly, in the workplace, an extra degree of effort can serve as the catalyst for significant breakthroughs, propelling you toward your goals with unstoppable momentum.

Recently, The Riverbend Group partnered with a team already performing well but seeking to elevate their performance from good to exceptional. Rather than a complete overhaul, they desired incremental improvements. We collaborated with their leaders to pinpoint key areas where a one-degree adjustment could yield transformative results. For this team, enhancing skills in preparation and navigating ambiguity emerged as focal points. We provided a range of actionable strategies, allowing each individual to select the approach most resonant with their needs:


  • Implementing Decision Trees to address complex problems efficiently
  • Breaking down challenges into manageable tasks
  • Adopting time-chunking for effective task management

**Handling Ambiguity:**

  • Prioritizing trust-building over seeking personal gain in ambiguous situations
  • Discerning when to address, escalate, or defer problems
  • Cultivating stress resilience to maintain sharpness during challenging moments

Where can you apply a one-degree adjustment to advance toward your goals? By identifying and committing to a single, manageable change, you can become an unstoppable force, much like a locomotive. Should you require assistance in identifying the right strategies for your journey, our team stands ready to support you. Additionally, we’re eager to collaborate with your team, harnessing collective power to drive toward shared objectives. Our mission is to inspire and equip you to achieve your goals with unwavering momentum.

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