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True success is about influencing others to achieve their own greatnessHelping and working with others = success – Brooke Griffin 

Having a birthday in lockdown had its challenges. 

As I approached my birthday, I knew I had to do something to make it memorable and enjoyable. I set up a coffee zoom call with friends and fixed my kitchen scale. I planned on making the best birthday chocolate cake ever – a birthday is just not a birthday without chocolate cake.

It was then that my husband offered to bake the cake – more like insisted. At that moment, I knew that he would not be able to buy me a gift (it was lockdown!), and this had been his way of gifting. However, I wanted this cake to be wonderful and just perfect and was not sure if he could pull it off. In the end, I agreed that he c could as inspiration struck, and I came up with a plan. I reminded myself of a quote by Porter Gale: “Helping others, that must be the one ingredient to success.” I needed “that” successful ingredient.

I took out all the ingredients, measured them, and strategically placed the two cake pans on the kitchen counter. I called my husband into the kitchen and explained the recipe. I did everything in my power to make sure he would be able to produce a wonderful, successful chocolate cake.

In life and at work, we are also responsible for setting others up for success. Before I joined Riverbend full-time, it had always been hard for me to explain what we, as Riverbend do, as we do such a wide variety of things and find a solution for any problem facing an organization. 

As I looked at the things on the kitchen table, I realize that it reminded me of Riverbend. Hearing our CEO’s words echo: “We set others up for success – We equip others to become greater.” 

Clients who WANT to become greater.

Whether it be a business or an individual, that is always the goal, to set them up to be greater and more successful. 

We do the preparation, the behind the scenes, and on-the-stage work. We take our clients’ hands and strive towards enabling them to be successful.

While looking at the ingredients – and my family baking this cake, I felt so proud. I knew I had done everything in my power to make it a success – just like our team at Riverbend feels proud to equip people and businesses to become greater. 

By equipping others, we also equip ourselves to become greater. By setting others up for success, we, too, become more compassionate and understanding. It is true, as Zig Ziglar said: “True Joy comes when you inspire, encourage, and guide someone else on a path that benefits him or her”

John C Maxwell said: “It is hard to feel bad about yourself when you are doing something good for someone else. There are a lot of ways to lift your self-esteem, but making a positive difference in other’s lives has got to be my best leadership guidance. Serving others and working to add value to them will lift your spirits in a way that nothing else will. Trust me on this.”

As we face exceptional challenges in the world at the moment.,I believe we all have a part to play. We all can help and equip others, not only to survive but to become greater and successful – to flourish.

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