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Email after email came in after my last blog on the importance of hiring “Yellows”! It seems like those of you who bring the strengths of intuition, negotiation, and inspiration to the proverbial table were elated to see your contributions noticed.

In addition, I was surprised at the accompanying emails that came in – those that were GREEN with envy.

So, by popular demand, let’s take a closer look at another undervalued behavior-style that we see missing on many of our clients’ sales teams.

It is time to GO GREEN.

As mentioned in “3 Reasons Why You Should Be Seeing Yellow” post, Red and Blue behavioral styles tend to be the most sought-after styles in sales due to their traits of action (Red) and excellence (Blue). It is vital that hiring managers and leaders keep in mind that all four behavior styles can be successful in sales. Diversity is essential to every sales team.

So let’s lean into Green to get a better understanding of a few of the many proven strengths that win in sales time after time again.


Three of my favorite Green assets are:

  1. Prepared
  2. Level-headed
  3. Resourceful

Prepared. Greens do their homework. Greens know the data and research. Greens are thoroughly equipped to handle their customer’s business and needs. Greens’ preparation also allows them to aptly manage customer objections and questions throughout the conversation and sales journey. Greens’ preparation cultivates customers’ peace-of-mind and feeling valued. Go Green!

Level-headed. Sometimes sales conversations or negotiations can produce tension. Greens remain level-headed and reserved when emotions start running high in the sales process. Greens can help customers think logically and have a knack for separating the feelings from the issue or opportunity.  Greens keep a conversation on track and focused on the task at hand. Go Green!

Resourceful. Sales teams are regularly asked to be leaner and do more with less, especially at quarter-end to meet those sometimes-allusive numbers. Resourcefulness is Greens’ middle name. When resources become limited, Greens take an inventory of what they have and maximize their resources to go further. When quotas are tight, or budgets get cut, greens lead by example and get the job done with what they have (with minimal complaining!). Go Green!


Perhaps it’s time for you to take more deliberate look at Greens. Do you have any in your recruiting pipeline? If not, find some. Do you have one already on your team? If so, unleash their talents to make your entire team stronger.

When preparation, level-headedness, and resourcefulness is in the sales mix, the grass is, in fact, greener.  Go Green!

Author Doreen Linneman

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